Record Pools

My advice to all fellow DJ’s is to join at least 2 record pools. These are websites that usually offer a monthly subscription and upload not only the most current music available, but music that dates to WAY BACK. A lot of times you will even come across songs that have not become popular yet on the radio and be so far ahead of the curve you have to wait before you play it in order for people to know it. It is so important to reinvent yourself at every one of your shows. Currently right now anywhere you go you, you will hear for the most part the same exact music just mixed differently. Just like when I teach in the classroom, differentiation is extremely important because you have students with different abilities, The same thing applies in the Dj booth. Stop focusing on playing the same songs that are on every radio station. Have different folders for different genres in different eras! Include all people that are at your shows. If the center of the dance floor is rocking, take a look at the outskirts and try to grab their attention as well. This will transition me into my next blog which speaks about reading the crowd!