The schedule for the next six months is going to be very busy. Hard work is paying off! Weekends will be filled with a Thursday night residency at the Beach House located in Long Beach, NY which will begin Memorial Day Weekend. A Friday night residency will be at the other Beach House location in Rockville Center, NY and that has already started. I will be at both venues until the last weekend of August. I will also have random dates mixed in on Saturdays throughout the summer at the Long Beach location. I am extremely happy for this opportunity and very grateful towards the owner Sean. He has given me many opportunities and I will continue to provide a quality service to him, his staff and most importantly his patrons! Summer 2017 is going to be a fun one! Make sure you come down and check out the atmosphere! Hope to see you on the dance floor! -Dj Canale 

Music is the answer

Going to keep this one short and sweet…Music is such a large part of everyone’s life. Some songs bring back memories, smells and feelings we’ve had at a point in our lives. Music is at its best when it shows us the potential we all have in the future! -Dj Canale 

Being a Dj is tough because you need support from the people around you…more specifically your family and your girlfriend/wife! You sacrifice time that generally you would be spending with them, and instead, you’re out working.