Many of the podcasts I have created, if not all, have included the most current music. I am going to be changing it up a bit with the next few. This is an effort to reach out to a different audience, while educating my current listeners about my music roots. Enjoy! 


The schedule for the next six months is going to be very busy. Hard work is paying off! Weekends will be filled with a Thursday night residency at the Beach House located in Long Beach, NY which will begin Memorial Day Weekend. A Friday night residency will be at the other Beach House location in Rockville Center, NY and that has already started. I will be at both venues until the last weekend of August. I will also have random dates mixed in on Saturdays throughout the summer at the Long Beach location. I am extremely happy for this opportunity and very grateful towards the owner Sean. He has given me many opportunities and I will continue to provide a quality service to him, his staff and most importantly his patrons! Summer 2017 is going to be a fun one! Make sure you come down and check out the atmosphere! Hope to see you on the dance floor! -Dj Canale 

Music is the answer

Going to keep this one short and sweet…Music is such a large part of everyone’s life. Some songs bring back memories, smells and feelings we’ve had at a point in our lives. Music is at its best when it shows us the potential we all have in the future! -Dj Canale 

Being a Dj is tough because you need support from the people around you…more specifically your family and your girlfriend/wife! You sacrifice time that generally you would be spending with them, and instead, you’re out working.